Date : 21/01/2020
Time : 15:00 : 17:00
Venue : European Parliament

Address : ASP A5E1, Rue Wiertz 60, Brussels, Belgium

Moderatör :Enes Bayraklı, Turkish-German University & SETA Foundationl

Speakers :  Opening Speech: MEP Magid Magid

Speakers: Farid Hafez, University of Georgetown

Carmen Aguilera, University of Granada

Amina Easat-Daas, University of Leicester

Aristotle Kallis, Keele University

Alfredo Alietti, University of Ferrara

In cooperation with the EU, the SETA Foundation & Leopold Weiss Institute released in September 2018 the European Islamophobia Report 2018. While many surveys already point out the growing danger of right-wing terrorism, none of them mentions the anti-Muslim ideological framework working behind this trend. The European Islamophobia Report 2018 aims at filling this gap by analysing how the banalization of Islamophobic discourse in the European public sphere paves the way for violent actions against Muslim and their institutions.

On January 21, 2020, MEP Magid Magid will host the panel “Countering Anti-Muslim Racism in Europe” at the European Parliament, Brussels. Drawing on the European Islamophobia Report 2018, this event will shed light on the rising levels of Islamophobia in European countries. Additionally, the event seeks to address the issue of tackling this growing phenomenon.

Enes Bayraklı, the director of European studies at SETA and co-editor of the European Islamophobia Report, will moderate the discussion in company of Farid Hafez (Georgetown University, Bridge Initiative), Amina Easat-Daas (Leicester University) Aristotle Kallis (Keele University), Carmen Aguilera (University of Granada) and Alfredo Alietti (University of Ferrara), who are respectively the authors of the Austrian, Belgian, UK, Spanish and Italian chapters of the European Islamophobia Report 2018.

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