Moderator Enes Bayraklı, SETA
  • Farid Hafez, Salzburg University
  • Konrad Pedziwiatr, Krakov University
  • Amina Easat Daas

The recent wave of hostile, xenophobic, discriminatory and racist discourse and actions against Muslims in the European countries have been alarming following the so called “Syrian refugee crisis” in Europe and emergence of DAESH attacks throughout Europe. Hence, Islamophobia became an acute risk and a threat to European peace and stability.

To increase the awareness towards Islamophobia, in 2016 SETA started to publish an annual report, namely “European Islamophobia Report”, which covers the Islamophobia and related events in approximately 25 European countries. Up to now, to share the findings of “European Islamophobia Report 2015”, SETA has organized events in Ankara, Brussels, Washington D.C., Vienna and Sarajevo.

On September 19, 2016 SETA will organize a side-event on the issue of “Islamophobia: A Threat to Peace and Stability in Europe” in Warsaw/ Poland during the “2016 Human Dimension Implementation Meeting” organized by OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR). In this side-event, the findings of the past year’s report and the events related to Islamophobia happened so far in European countries will be discussed.

Panelists of the side-event include the editors of “European Islamophobia Report 2015” Enes Bayraklı and Farid Hafez, and the authors of national reports of Poland (Konrad Pedziwiatr) and Belgium (Amina Easat Daas). In the light of current developments, the event will serve to draw attention to the rising level of Islamophobia in the European countries.

We would be honored to have you at our event.

Registration is open until September 15, 2016.

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