On Friday, hundreds of Italian Muslim prayed near Rome’s Colosseum to protest at the closure of mosques and other places of daily five-times prayers. The prayer demonstration was staged in protest to government’s closure of five make-shift prayer halls recently.

Rome-based Dhuumcatu Association which sponsored the protest said in a statement on its Facebook page: “We are sick of the criminalization of our places of worship. There are no relevant regulations, and we cannot invent solutions independently of the authorities.”

Many Italian Muslims suspect local authorities are responding to a climate of Islamophobia, created and fueled by Zionist groups especially after the recent Mossad false flag operations in France, Germany, and other European nations.

Jewish press and bloggers claimed it as another Zionist victory against Muslims for opposing the Zionist regime.

Italy, like the US, UK, Germany and France, is also controlled by country’s powerful Jewish Lobby.

Islam is not recognized as a ‘religion’ in Catholic-majority Italy even though it’s the second most practiced faith with 2.2 million (3.7% of country’s total population) followers in the country. The Italian anti-Muslim hatred goes back to late 9th century when Muslims conquered most part of Sicily and ruled it until 1072 CE. This past history has been exploited by the Zionist controlled Vatican.

On May 3, 2016, European Islamophobia Report (EIR) was presented at the European Union (EU) parliament in Brussels. The aim of its authors, leading experts in the field from all over Europe, is to “analyze trends in the spread of Islamophobia in various European states.” For 2015, 25 states have been analyzed – the results prove the most of Europeans have returned to their medieval Dark Age.

Emran Feroz, an independent journalist based in Afghanistan says hating Muslims and Islam is a good politics in the West.

Throwing a pork head, or sometimes even a grenade, on a mosque. Assaulting a Muslim woman who wears a head scarf. Demonstrating against the building of a mosque or against the local supermarket which sells Halal food. Incidents like these are happening on a daily basis in 21st century Europe,” he said.

According to PEW 2016 Spring Survey, anti-Muslim culture exist in almost every European nation with Hungary (72%) toping the list – followed by Italy (69%), Poland (66%), Greece (65%), Spain (50%), Netherlands (35%), Sweden (35%), France (29%), Germany (29%), and UK (28%).

Pakistan-born British socialist writer, author, and film-maker explains the Western Islamophobia below.